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Here are a selected few among thousands of testimonials on my youtube channel!


Patty Terra


Two months ago I attempted to add a zip pocket in a tote, which turned out to be an epic fail.  I never wanted to do anything like that again until I watched your tutorial.  I tried your method for the first time over the weekend, and the result was a perfect zip pocket.  I never thought this was possible.  Thank you, THANK YOU for this tutorial!  I am telling all my friends about you.  : )


Bev Mcbribe  


Thank you so.much for this tutorial.  I hv battled with  zips.  stayed away from them. But now I shall definitely put zips in my ip coming handbags.  ty so much. u such a blessing.  plse continue with ur fantastic teachings. ...will ndva stop following u Izzy  .


Amy Harry  


Fantastic video!  I now can make a very finished looking sleeve and am running to my sewing studio to make a new shirt and use your technique.  Keep the videos coming!!


Hez eLGee  


Excellent photography! Really love your choice of contrasting fabric with denim! The result is fabulous, and you are a very good teacher, meticulous with instructions. So glad you have learned the lesson about noisy background. No one needs any distraction when learning. The din drowns out your perfect soft voice, which needs no enhancement from any soundtrack. Thanks for the tips!


Kimberley Gamble  


Hi Izzy thanks you for this awesome tutorial on putting zips in any bag/bags. This is My First time watching your video. However I've already made quite a few bags & sell them & still planning on making more soon. Sometimes I does used velcro, snaps or buttons for closure or nothing if the bag is to have a flap piece;because I didn't know how to put a zip in a bag but thanks to your video I now know how to. I have sewn zips in other things already just not on bags cause I just taught it was difficult to do especially with bags that you have to put a flap in. Anyways I look forward to your response A.S.A.P!


Lynn Reedy  


it's amazing ! we all can learn from this ! recycle no waste!  unbelievable how her stitches are the exact same size and her rows in between are exact distance apart with no measuring with a ruler ! awesome workmanship !! Wonderful wonderful job! !