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Here is PART - 1


In this video we discuss how to cut fabric and if you have one way design like we have used in this video, to learn how to attach it.


Also we will sew in the prepared zipper panels to the bag by concealing the edges in the bias tape.


The pockets are already prepared please see links below to watch videos for preparing pockets and zipper panels!

Mitre Handles


Learn how to make mitre handles from your pattern or just any straight piece of fabric, the basics are same.

Here is PART - 2


In this video we learn how to prepare the lining, sew the outer fabric with side pockets.


We also attach the mitre handles to the outer of the bag. sew the inner corners and finally finish the top of the bag with bias binding.










This is the pocket used for britannia, but the way you make it is just the same.


I have used bias binding to give a neat finish.