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Zhang Wei, deputy secretary of the Xiangcheng District Party committee and head of the District of Suzhou, and his party visited gefan hardware for investigation

Writer: SEKSUN Release date:2022-07-30 View:525

On March 5, Zhang Wei, deputy secretary of Xiangcheng District Party committee and head of Xiangcheng District, Suzhou City, and his party came to gefan hardware to investigate the update work of enterprise epidemic prevention and control and industrial development. Secretary Zhang and his party visited the company's exhibition hall and inspected the enterprise's production workshop. General manager Fu Yu introduced the company's latest scientific and technological innovation achievements and future development layout to Secretary Zhang and his party, and reported the company's current epidemic prevention and control measures.


       Secretary Zhang demanded that we should set a higher goal in striving for advancement, show more achievements in industrial upgrading, achieve greater breakthroughs in space security, and reflect a higher level in efficient governance.

       In the future, gefan hardware will continue to strengthen technological innovation, improve the level of automation and intelligent manufacturing, and make greater contributions to the economic and social development of Xiangcheng.